What Makes a Millennial?

If you’re curious as to some of the nuances of being a Millennial, here’s an intriguing new look from Money at where this generation differentiates from X’ers and Boomers – ‘10 Things Millennials Buy Far More Often Than Everyone Else’. Following are a look at 4 of the 10.


Gas Station Food

“Whereas fast-casual accounted for 6.1% of millennial food and beverage stops in 2014, NPD researchers point out that 11.4% of such visits took place at convenience stores.”


C-stores are actively working to catch up to this generations preference for healthy eating. We talked about this in our article Millennials and the quest for convenience


Same-Day Delivery

“A Shop.org survey indicating that millennials have been twice as likely as other generations to pay extra for same-day delivery of online purchases.”


Seattle is one of the Metro’s that has seen a rapid expansion of these services – from Drizly to Munchery to Instacart to those folks named Amazon.



“When I look at athleisure bottom business—the yoga pant, sweat pant, sweat short—it has displaced the jean business one to one,” NPD Group retail analyst Marshal Cohen said recently. Sales of such clothing rose 13% during a recent 12-month span, and now represent roughly 17% of the entire clothing market, according to the market research firm.


The Athleisure race is on with brands like Lululemon, Athleta, Tory Burch, Betabrand, Under Armour, Nike and many many others competing to capitalize on this growing fashion trend accelerated by Millennials.


Energy Drinks

“Meanwhile, millennials are even more likely than parents in general to throw back energy drinks: 64% of millennials consume them regularly, and 29% of older millennials (ages 27 to 37, who are more likely to be parents themselves) say they’ve increased the number of energy drinks they consume in recent months.”


And this category continues to add brands. While there are a few leaders – watch for innovation in the instant energy category. See Eagle Energy Vapor.