What do Millennial customers want?

I saw this article the other day in QSR Magazine – Down to a Science: Wendy’s, Dairy Queen open R&D labs to test new, Millennial-forward ideas – and it was just a nice little reminder of the importance of stopping down every once in a while to listen to your Millennial customers. They are often the driver of innovation in your category and they can keep you ahead of shifting trends and interests. Best of all – they love to share and aren’t afraid of giving you the no-bull feedback you deserve.

We know from experience. Like Dairy Queen’s & Wendy’s menu and tech innovations, the #2MinutePromise was catalyzed by listening to our customers. It was clear they craved more of what The End has delivered for nearly 25 years – leading music discovery. And our goal was a lot like Dairy Queen’s and Wendy’s (and frankly everyone’s business) – to attract and retain new customers. And that we have – since 2014 we’ve seen share grow as much as 123% with A18-34, 81% with A18-49 and 220% with A18-24!

If you’re wondering what you need to do to meet the needs and wants of your customers, stop for a second and ask them. Whether that’s just some street intercepts, impromptu ask at checkout, a formal focus group, a brief online survey, or utilizing Think Force (shameless plug) – one of the best ways to know how to do better for your customers, is by just asking them.