Volunteerism Important in Employer Selection

Forbes recently reported on the importance of volunteerism opportunities in Millennials’ selection of their employer. “While only 39% of Millennial employees said they researched their employer’s cause work prior to the interview, 55% of employees were influenced to take their job after discussing cause work in the interview.”  So if you are hiring a Millennial, it’s important to talk about how your company is involved in causes. Additionally, “Millennial employees preferred joining a company-wide or team-specific volunteer project rather than donating to a giving campaign.”  While they may not have the money to give big, they are more than willing to donate their time and intellect to a good cause.  And lastly, it starts at the top. “If the cause work is not directly supported at the top of the food chain, it won’t be widely accepted by employees; success is directly proportionate to the involvement of high-ranking leaders.”