Planning for Retirement vs. Maintaining a Diet – What’s Easier?

Per a new survey from IRI and CGK, 60% of Millennials believe that it’s more difficult to plan for retirement than to maintain a diet. Makes sense – for staying on diets we have the support of apps, activity trackers, menu’s, blogs, books, nutritionists, support groups, online forums, workout buddy’s, etc. But wait, we have some form of many of those same types of things for saving and retirement plans.


Whether to stay on the path for a diet or retirement – they require some of the same guidelines. As the article states, the path to a comfortable retirement includes “right-setting expectations, determining a goal, and building a plan to get you there.” Kind of sounds like a formula for a diet and fitness plan, right. They do share somewhat similar pathways to success.


For retirement planners and financial services organizations, take a look at how some of the most popular diets are marketed and maintained – maybe you can learn a little something from them to engage and maintain the Millennial consumer.