MTV shares “Millennials Have Drive”

A January 2015 report from MTV outlined an abundance of Millennial automotive category insights. In the last section of the study – they hit on some interesting and relevant stats as it pertains to Millennials, The End and music.

  • 57 percent of young people say that car advertisements influence their purchasing decisions versus 33 percent of Boomers and 42 percent of Gen Xers
  • 1 in 2 Millennials don’t feel that current car advertisements speak to who they are
  • 63 percent of young people love when car companies seem plugged into pop culture by doing things like partnering with musical artists versus 30 percent of Boomers and 52 percent of Gen Xers
  • 70 percent say car advertisements catch their attention more when they have music in them
  • 58 percent love car brands that introduce them to new music

They pay attention to car ads – even more than X’ers or Boomers. Makes sense as they are still developing their portfolio of brand preferences. They’re watching for those ads that speak to their wants and needs as adults in this generation. They’re looking for the brand and model that connects with their adventurous spirit and makes a clear statement of who they are and what they stand for.

Music is an important aspect of what defines their generation. A Pew Social Trends Millennial report showed ‘when asked what makes their generation unique’ – music was #2 to Technology. That’s where we can help! Tap into The End’s intimate relationship with Puget Sound Millennials through on-air, online and event touch points. Contact us for more information.