Millennials Are Winos

That’s not just a blanket statement on the characterization of Millennials and binge drinking or being overly social, spending all their money at bars and restaurants – it’s a statistical outcome from a Wine Market Council report shared in USA Today.

This particular study portraying the 21-38 year old Millennial, reported that 42% of all wine in the U.S. last year was drunk by 21-38 year olds. More than any other generation! From the 79 million aged 21 to 38, they drank an average of two cases per person.

Additionally, Nielsen data shows the average retail cost of a bottle of wine was $7.81 in 2015. The study found a full 17% of millennials had shelled out over $20 for a bottle of wine in the past month. Among all age groups, that number was just 10%.

So not only are they drinking more quality wine than other age groups, a number of them are moving beyond the Two Buck Chuck.