Millennials agree... Pets are family. And they spoil them rotten.

(Photo - Pets Adviser/flickr)

 Per APPA, about 68% of US households have pets, and over $50 Billion is spent on them each year. And it's no doubt that for the vast majority of us that are pet owners pets are family. Research recently has only reinforced this notion. An October 2014 fMRI study from Massachusetts General Hospital, and partner organizations, showed that mothers reported similar emotional ratings for their child and dog, which elicited greater positive emotional responses than unfamiliar children and dogs. For Millennials,  their pet purchases reflect that familial connection. Per a recent Pet Age article, 76% of Millennials identified an item they are more likely to splurge on for their pet than they would for themselves, like expensive treats or a custom bed. Compare that to 50% of Boomers who would splurge on certain items. The article also reported that 86% of Millennials feel natural food is essential and 82% of Millennials feel that getting a pet is part of preparing to have a family.