Jacobs Media TechSurvey12 Results Are In

Jacobs Media TechSurvey12 has wrapped up and we wanted to share our top three insights from End listeners.   

  • AM/FM listening is increasing
  • TV viewing has moved on-demand
  • AM/FM leads for new music discovery

When asked how their AM/FM listening compares with last year, 2/3 (66%) said they are listening “About the same – a lot” or “More,” with only 14% sharing they are listening less. Echoing this trend, Nielsen’s report of February 2015 to February 2016 Average Quarter Hour, showed Millennial listening grew 10.4%!

We shared in our last email how TV viewership amongst that 18-34 demo has slipped significantly – as much as 34% between 2011 and 2015 for 18-24 year olds & 22.5% for 25-34 year olds. Well, TechSurvey12 gets into more depth around where they’re going – on-demand and online. When asked how much television viewing takes place on-demand – either via DVR, on-demand, or  sites like Netflix and Hulu – nearly 82% replied with an answer of half or more. 1 in 5 replied with “All of it” and 2 in 5 with “Most of it.”

The End leads for New Music Discovery in Seattle… and AM/FM leads for new music discovery amongst listeners. When asked what their primary source is for finding out about new music and artists – AM/FM radio lead with nearly 60% of respondents. Next closest response was just 8%.

For those that aren’t familiar with the survey – it provides a look into tech and media habits across the nation, with surveys being completed by over 40,000 listeners across 250 stations, including the four stations of Entercom Seattle. You can learn more about the survey here.