It’s not about age, it’s about life stage.

In the most recent Nielsen Total Audience report; It’s not about age, it’s about life stage was a theme they introduced and carried throughout the Millennial focused report. I like it, and agree 100%.

When you analyze life stages of 18-35 year old Millennials, you see unique pictures:

  • The high-schooler living with the ‘rents
  • The single upstart somewhat new to the workforce
  • The married homeowner with children

All very different. All technically Millennials. 


I’m a Millennial by the age definition – but I’m 35, own a condo, like to spend time in my RV, and have been out of college and in the workforce for over 13 years. Yeah – my situation is a little different from those still in high school. And like those in my peer-group, I expect that advertisers are going to speak to our needs, not lump us into this monolithic group of some 80 million youngsters.


There are over a million Millennials here in the Puget Sound making up over a third of the population. Stopping down to more narrowly define those tens or hundreds of thousands of prospects and speaking to the stage they’re in is going to be more effective than trying to be everything to everyone.

How can you get out of that homogeny rut to get a more accurate assessment of your consumer by life stage? Here’s one way – paint the picture of your customer through multiple POVs from your customer’s perspective. Describe your primary, secondary and tertiary customers. Be as honest and thorough as possible. What’s their motivation, favorite activities, job title, etc. It can be a combination of your ideal/prospective customer, but don’t disregard who’s paying your bills today. Better defining ‘your particular Millennial’ consumer will give way to a more purposeful discussion with your media partners on developing a focused and effective advertising campaign.