It’s a snack attack!

I don’t know about you, but I love snacks. And I’m certainly not alone - with the category achieving about $375 Billion worldwide.

A new Nielsen report sheds some light on what the snacking habits and preferences are across the globe and another recent Mintel report summary provides some additional insight.

Now, I raise the topic of snacking on m.Lab because it’s emerged as a contested category with many fighting for the Millennial snack share of mind & wallet. Some common related storylines – decreased fast food occasions, increased fast casual occasions, growing organic/natural category, children’s snack selection, on-the-go culture, health & fitness activities, etc.

And as Mintel reports, Millennials are really starting to dominate the snack market. “Millennials are significantly more likely to snack compared to older consumers with 24% of Millennials most likely to snack frequently, four or more times per day, and 23% snacking more this year compared to last year. Mintel research also shows that the Millennial generation “snacks for function and to stay focused throughout the day with 39% snacking for energy.”

Some thoughts and opportunities for targeting Millennials:

  • If you think you are in the snack category, get your Millennial marketing strategy in order
  • Search out opportunities for trial
  • Consumers like snacks to stick to the basics
  • Find the balance in highlighting the taste and health considerations.
  • Snacks are a meal replacement for Millennials.
  • Women consume more snacks than men. Are you reaching Millennial women?