Fitness Fanatics

It’s without a doubt that Millennials are fitness fanatics. We see it across a number of segments and in a number of ways.

  •  They seek out communal fitness programslike Crossfit, Orange Theory, Barre, and Flywheel in droves.
  • They’ve embedded their health into their tech using health and fitness apps twice as much as others and make up about half of all fitness band users.
  • They practically live in their Lululemon and Athleta ‘athleisure’ wear. Yoga pants have become a universal work-to-play uniform.
  • Younger respondents – both Millennials and Generation Z – are indicating a commitment to purchasing healthier foods.
  • Their interpretation of being healthy is beyond illness. It’s eating right, exercising, a vibrant social life, all things that contribute to feeling better.

The Millennial approach to fitness is a bit like how they approach other aspects of their life. Convenience is a must. They want an ‘experience’ in their workout. Technology plays a role. And they would like it to be very community affiliated.