Fast Food vs Fast Casual

(Photo: Calgary Reviews/flickr)

The Fast Casual insurgence is getting a lot of attention from players in both the trade and consumer publishing realm. With reports like Brand Key's/ - "Millennials reported a 20% decrease in visits to QSR chains. Conversely, 42% increased visits to fast casual restaurants in the past year." There is no doubt why it's such a popular topic. A great majority of this groundswell towards Fast Casual is led by Gen Y. In a recent Piper Jaffray Semi Annual Report, Teens were reported spending 20% of their money on food, up from 15% 10 years ago. But, don't believe that the Fast Food giants will just go down without a big fight. They're already adapting their menu's to provide those healthy options. And they have the advertising budgets to be an ever-present figure in Gen Y's life. A quote found at from Wendy's CEO Emil Brock sums it up nicely. "The transformation of the Wendy's brand is essential to strengthen our relevance with the boomer generation and establish credible relevance with the Millennial generation."