Does it have bluetooth, gps, backup camera...

In our most recent Think Force survey, one area of the automotive purchase process we explored was that must have item in their next car. So we asked the open ended question…


What is the one thing your next automobile must have?


As with any open ended question, you get a variety of answers. Some of the things that came up included air conditioning (in Seattle?), convertible (again, in Seattle?), and heated seats (ok that would be nice in Seattle). But three of the most common responses were; an item related to infotainment/audio/video, fuel efficiency, and all-wheel or four-wheel drive.



Before the self-driving car is a reality, the need for constant connectivity, a nice sound and safety will continue infiltrating our cars and trucks. Infotainment continues to be a key aspect in the decision making process for Millennials. In a 2013 Auto Trader survey, 80% of Millennials deemed infotainment features connected to their smartphone as essential.


Fuel Efficiency

While the low gas prices we’ve recently experienced are predicted to stick around for a while (barring a major political or oil market event), perpetuating the increase of truck and larger SUV sales, we don’t have to think back too far to the experience of nearly $4 per gallon. So it’s not that unexpected to have fuel efficiency as an important item in our mental checklist.



The adventuring spirit of Millennials surely has driven the want to have all-wheel or four-wheel drive. Treks through the pass to hit that favorite hike, or take advantage of a good pow day at the mountain, or get up that trail to the best camping spot.