Dispelling the myth that Millennials don't want cars

JD Power's 2014 recent sales report points to a surge in automotive spending by Generation Y. Millennials accounted for 27% of sales in 2014, up from 18% in 2010. The past decline has been largely attributed to the recession. Which makes sense, less income and access to credit is a pretty limiting factor in affording a new car. But as the economy improves, job growth continues, and Millennials get older and start growing their families, the need and want for that new car comes along. In our recent survey of End listeners, they echoed the want for a new automobile, with 18% of respondents (translated to approximately 105,000 End listeners), plan to buy a new automobile in the next 12 months. To put the End to work for your automotive brand, dealership, or service, contact us today.