Content Marketing On The Rise

A marketing element that has been growing at a rapid rate is Content Marketing. If you’re not familiar with what defines something being content marketing, well, you’re not alone, as it’s really only recently started to pick up pace in ad circles. It also goes by sponsored content and native advertising.

The names and activities used can range from one person to another; from a simple ‘Supported by’ mention of a seemingly non-relevant topic; to contextually relevant pieces of content written around a particular brand, product or service. Even event sponsorships are a form of content marketing.

It’s designed to inform, educate and entertain, as much or more than it’s intended to directly sell to an audience. The accrual of value comes to an advertiser in that their involvement in underwriting the content consumers enjoy, helps that advertiser score points with the audience.

We’ve seen more and more from consumers, especially younger ones, a growing urge to use ad blocking software, delay viewing to skip ads, or paying a fee for an ad-supported media in order to mitigate ads; and content marketing helps to mask the ad message delivery making it more tolerable to the consumer.

If you’re not considering more content marketing in the coming year, you’re in the minority. This eMarketer chart illustrates the growing spend going to native advertising (aka content marketing).

If you’re interested in exploring content marketing – get in touch with me – The End and Entercom Seattle provide a bevy of options for you to inform, educate and entertain audiences right here in the Puget Sound.