Consider the 5 R’s

In a recent DMNews article – a representative of Ribera del Duero y Rueda spoke to the 5 R’s they used in developing their campaign to target the growing Millennial wine drinker. Like a lot of advertisers before them, they struggled to ‘define Millennials’, and came to realize that they couldn’t box them into one neatly packaged consumer type. They knew though that they are open to new and unique experiences and crave authenticity and information. All areas the wine industry has in spades – history of the growing regions, grape varietals, the wine makers and their processes. All this helps to further a connection with the consumer and embed channels of further engagement.


They ended up naming them – “Generation Open” – a catch-all for those 21-40 year olds. And in developing their campaign, followed 5 R’s to guide the creative process – Research, Redefine, Reveal, Relax, and Relate.


Consider these 5 R’s as you address your approach to tapping into the Millennial Generation.



They did the leg work to find out what the expectations were of this finicky consumer. Keeping ahead of trends and knowing what’s next.



They took a zero-based approach in framing who the millennial is, and instead of preconceived stereotypes of the generation, they used the research to hone in on what the generation is looking for in wine – wine for everyday occasions, variety and quality. It’s no secret that quality would be in there – but variety certainly lends itself to this generations need for customization and differentiation.



This gets to some of the tenets that millennials look for in the two way communication with brands. They want inside the tent to get the backstory and create a bond beyond the label.



They put some of the pretentiousness and historical ways of how wines are presented, and took a more relaxed authentic approach in their communications. Not to overlook, paying close attention to their social profile and getting their brands into the right communication channels this generation uses day in and day out.



To relate their wines to this generation’s common life events – they spoke to the everyday occasions in which Millennials drink wine – take out Chinese food, movie or game night, etc. They related the drinking occasions to some of the most common ways Millennials enjoy wine.