As Millennials and Z’s grow up and into the Workforce; listening to AM/FM increases

We know that the majority of radio listening comes from employed and employables here in the Greater Puget Sound. Makes sense as about 75% of listening taking place out of the home and a lot of that in the car as you slog through our highways and byways. Maybe you’re even an extreme commuter!? And people in the car are often commuting to work; or more appropriately here, sitting in traffic on their commute to work. So to show how that translates to youth growing up into the work force, Nielsen took a look at TSL from 2011 (for ages 12-17) to 2017 (for ages 18-24). And not surprisingly with the increase in those that are employed full or part time, TSL grew by a full hour, or about 11%. Getting in front of the Millennial audience now utilizing radio, you can build relationships with an audience that will be increasing their time spent engaged with the medium.